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About L2L (Learning 2 Live)

Learning 2 Live is the educational side of the house. We offer ACEs recovery and Parenting Education courses.

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Rocky Mountains


Adults that suffered multiple early childhood traumas spend the majority of their lives struggling for survival.  Most have several mental health diagnoses, physical health challenges, difficulty building healthy relationships, struggle with some form of addiction, and have a wide variety of other barriers that continually challenge them.  Most become unable to support themselves as a result.  


The ACEs Recovery program, a first of its kind in the world,  is targeted to educate adults with high ACE score (see link above to take quiz).  The program is designed to facilitate discovery of their own missing pieces of development and acquire the skills they need to become self-sufficient.  


We strive to compassionately inform adult survivors of childhood traumas through interactive preventive education  Our goal is to empower these individuals with the skills necessary to become self-sufficient while providing them the awareness necessary to prevent risks to their children and families. 


Together we can stop the vicious cycle of generational abuse and promote the truth that survivors can thrive.  

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