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How you Can Help

“We ARE the MOVEMENT”-- Dr. Nadine Burke Harris


We have two L2L staff qualified to supervise interns.  This business is very complex and there are huge opportunities for learning and growth as students prepare to launch their careers. 

Go to the "Contact" tab  or the "email" button below to find out more... 


Volunteers are always welcome and needed.  We work 70+ hours a week and cannot even close to keep up with the overwhelming number of tasks necessary to continue serving our families.  


There are family events for our students each month – help with decorating, signage, crowd control, set up and clean up are always greatly appreciated.  


Elves (volunteers) needed for the Pay it Forward Christmas Event. 

You can also qualify to trade volunteer hours for the cost of the ACEs Recovery classes.

Go to the "Contact" tab or the "email" button below to find out more... 

Scholarships for Struggling Students

The majority of individuals with high ACE scores are continually struggling for survival and cannot afford to attend the classes they so desperately need in order to recover and become self-sufficient.  We have both “blind” and “directed” scholarships available.  You can choose to be part of the “movement” by covering 25%, 50% or 100% of the students' tuition costs.

Click on the "How you can help tab and select the "donations" OR "Monthly Support" dropdown

Marketing Opportunities

Need “Influencers”?  We’re interested in advertising/promoting your products–as long as the products will benefit the families and communities we serve.  

Go to the "Contact" tab or the "email" button below to find out more... 


We have huge family events for our students and their families on a monthly basis. Snacks, condiments, drinks, utensils, & cleaning supplies (just examples) are always needed and welcomed.  

Both the children and the adults that attend our classes use a large volume of craft and school supplies.  We always need fidgets, paper, craft supplies, poster boards & glue sticks–to name a few examples. 


Each year, L2L does an event called, the “Pay it Forward Christmas”.  Each and every student (& their families) that completes one of our classes during the year gets invited to this event.  We’re likely to break 500 families this year!!!  Each child writes a “Thank you note”, chooses a craft packet, gets a picture with Santa, stuffs their own stocking with toys, and then the parents get to help them choose one gift PER CLASS COMPLETED.  If the children were also students in the class, they also get to choose a gift for their parents. When complete–each family member chooses a new book to take home and enjoy.  Any donations of toys, stuffed animals, decorations, candy, craft projects, Christmas trees, books, supplies or food for the guests and our valued volunteers is welcome, wanted, needed & APPRECIATED.

We are in the process of creating a list of "needs".  Email us to schedule a time to drop off donations or to find out more...

Fundraising & ACEs Awareness Events

If your company would like to donate products (with business cards or brochures) for our raffles or auctions, represent your company as a “vendor” or run an info booth at one of our events, please let us know.  We’re planning on hosting an annual ACEs Awareness event in the near future.  Organizers, planners, volunteers, event supplies, and all ideas are welcome and wanted.

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